Touchy-Feely Stuff (Potentiality Sappy or Uncomfortable)

  • Shattered
    In one moment, just one action, childhood’s golden innocence shattered.
  • Memories
    As I begin to open Memory’s door to days past, I wonder if I dare it to face the horrors past its frame. Here in the present, I am safe, I am loved. Yet, will I ever be truly free of the past’s hold on me? Must I venture yet again into the abyss? What … Continue reading Memories
  • Father’s Day
    Seldom are things all good or all bad. We recognize beauty more after seeing the horrors that can exist. Joy is even greater when it breaks through the storm clouds that surround us.
  • Raising Adults
    Raising adults; it means I have to actually explain my ignorance.
  • Sleep
    Sleep seems like it should be such an easy task. I’m often tired, can easily nap for hours. But, when it comes to sleeping in an actual bed- at nighttime- I struggle.